Union of the separated ones

Experiences with Maha Periyava: The union of the separated ones
In a small village in Thanjavur district, all the families were devoted to the SriMatham. There was bitter enmity in the street where the Brahmins lived and they had fallen apart to form two groups. The reason was not worth a pinch of salt, though the enmity grew to enormous proportions. 
By some quirk of circumstances, both Ananthu and Sethu, who spear-headed the two groups respectively, came to Sri Maha Periyava at the same time. They prostrated to Periyava.
“Excellent!” said Periyava. “Have you both come together?”
“Yes”, they lied in one voice, not wanting to broadcast their enmity in Periyava’s presence. Periyava chatted with them for long. In between, He gestured to the attendants in a way in which they alone could understand, to pack a separate parcel of prasada and put it aside.
Practically everything concerning the two families featured in the conversation – Ananthu’s son’s higher studies, his uncle’s eightieth birthday celebrations, the celebrations of Sethu’s daughter’s pregnancy, the fire-walking festival at the Mariamman temple, Chinna Mirasdar Chittayyan’s cows, everything! 
As He gave them prasada and leave to depart, Periyava asked, “You are both going straight back home, aren’t you?”
“Do you know the Mannargudi estate Srinivasa Iyengar?
“Yes”, said both in one voice.
“The two of you may go straight to his residence and hand over this prasada to him before you go home”.
The huge mountain of enmity that stood between the two crumbled as Periyava’s words descended upon it forcefully. How could the two of them travel to Mannargudi from Kanchipuram and not look at each other or talk to each other?
When the two gentlemen came out of SriMatham with the prasada, they had once again become steadfast friends. The Iyengar who accepted the prasada with reverence and devotion was very surprised and delighted. “Usually Periyava sends prasada through the attendants of SriMatham. Today He has sent it through the two dignitaries such as you both!”
Only the dignitaries knew why it was so.
Narrated by SriMatham Balu Mama

Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal


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