​🚩Dharma Shastram 🚩 
🌸 Upatishtanti vai sandhyam ye na poorvam na pashchimam. Vrajantiha

duratmaan tamisram narakam nrup🌸
🙏🏼The one who doesn’t wait eagerly for Sandhyavandanam facing  the east and west (morning and evening).  Such a person, after his death will enter a naraka called “TAMISRAM” and will be there till he pays for his sins of not performing Sandhyavandana 🙏🏼
🌟 This is an important sloka from Vishnu Purana which speaks about severe punishment of non performance of Sandhyavandana even after death. Partly we pay for our sins this life itself, some after death and some next birth. 
🔥The Garuda Purana lists gory details of 28 types of Narakas, to which our preta (our state after death)  will be subjected after death as per our Karma in this birth. . Tamisra naraka is one of them.
🤖 TAMISRAM is a type of naraka where our Preta is subjected to intense flogging, or whip lashing with various types of whips.   Right from plain whips to sharp metal whips. The preta is whipped till it bleeds and falls unconscious, on gaining conciousness,  strength and standing back again the preta is whipped again and this process is repeated till his accumulated sin load is reduced to a pre-determined  extent. This is the Naraka is for non performers of Sandhyavandana 🔥


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