​”SAMITHADHANAM” – Not to be missed

What is Samithadhanam?
it is a ritual to be performed by a Brahmi boy after Sacred Thread Function , usually after Sandhyavandhanam ! ‘SAMITHADHANAM’ is a “SUN WORSHIP” ! This is continued till his marriage .
It is a kind of worship , offering prayer to the FIRE GOD or SURYA i.e Sun. This prayer offer in itself is an environmental cleansing act .
How is it performed ?
1. Usually, a four-sided elevated platform is created (Bricks model or nowadays , even Cement Model is available) …. Camphor is placed in the centre and is lit.
2. While chanting the mantras , the sticks (from branches) of Peepal Tree (Arasa-Maram or Ashvatha-Tree) is placed on the fire accordingly .
3. Sticks will get burnt and the residue (Ashes) of the pooja is kept on the forehead , shoulders , throat ….
4. This is regarded as a purification process , not only for the person who is performing it , but also for the environment !!
Why is Peepal tree’s branch sticks been used ?
Peepal tree has its significance not only mythologically but also scientifically !
Traditionally , people are of the belief that even Goddess Lakshmi dwell in the tree on Saturdays . Women who are not blessed with a child tie a red thread around the trunk or o its branches asking the deities to bless her and fulfill her desire .
Scientifically , this tree has the power to purify the human body system – especially NERVOUS System . Peepal tree is of great medicinal value. Its leaves serve as a wonderful laxative as well as tonic for the body and as a cure for about 50 types of disorders including Asthma, diabetes , Diarrhea , Epilepsy , Gastric problems , inflammatory disorders. It is especially useful for patients suffering from Jaundice. The leaves of Peepal are highly effective in treating heart disorders. It helps to control the palpitation of heart  and combat the cardiac weakness. Ayurveda makes an extensive use of the leaves of peepal due to the numerous benefits it provides.
Does this smoke while performing Samithadhanam cause pollution ?
This is the most awkward question asked by many of my friends in my batch while a HOMAM was conducted in my school. At that point of time , even though being a regular performer of SAMITHADHANAM , I couldnt give them the best answer due to lack of scientific reasoning.
The appropriate justification is that the smoke caused here is not something like the smoke caused through CARS BUSES  etc… (where harmful chemicals like BUTENINE is released) , thus has its own ill effects !
The smoke when the branch sticks of Peepal are burnt during SAMITHADHANAM performance is a kind of BIO-Fuel when burnt , and the release of smoke from it is said to be of   a medicinal purification process (specifically for Nervous Systems) , and might just create a minute CO (Carbon-monoxide) which is a gas that is required to maintain a balance in the atmosphere !
Furthermore, what I personally feel is the power of the positive vibrations of the mantras which is chanted alongside during SAMITHADHANAM ! It has its own GODLINESS in it and the same can be realisesd wonly when performed.
A little upset about the fact that not many are practicing this and I have to come to a mindset that it is purely their loss ( which is a loss to the welfare of all the people too) …. Nothing can be done! Hope practices are kept alive with the scope of extra-ordinary communication transfer facilities , so these are not left uncared for !
Parents can also enable their sons to perform this by motivating their sons like how my mother made it possible for me !!!
I have to cite this incident : you all might be aware of the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY which took away the lives of many , but the chemical harmful gas didn’t have any effect on the people and their houses in which SAMITHADHANAM and HOMAMS where regularly performed !
It is clearly evident from all this that our traditions and cultural practices has its own divinity and supreme significance … not just that , but also has scientific reasons and justifications behind it too!
P.S :- What motivated me to do a research and find out the real reasons of my regular practice was just because of the people who knew nothing about its sginificance and had words to say that SAMITHADHANAM causes POLLUTION !


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