​”Has Swamigal ever seen a Cricket Ball?!”

I have seen Him right since my childhood, the earliest I recall seeing Him is when I was 6 or 7 years old. I always used to go to Matam during all my holidays when I was in school and college. All my vacations were spent with Him.
Once I went to to have His darshan in Elayaathangudi when I was in my 2nd year in college. And the next day early morning before He commenced Poojas I told Him I was leaving.
He asked me, “Wait, what is the hurry?!”
Told Him, “I am playing in a cricket match tomorrow”.
“Match? do you play for your college?”
“Are you a bowler or batsman?”
“Both”, I replied.
“Are you a fast bowler or a spin bowler”?
“Are you an Opening Bowler? Do you bowl with the New Ball”?
“Do you bowler Inswingers or Outswingers?”
“Outswing means, you hold the seam of the ball upright and point it in the direction of first/second slips and bowl with this action, no?”, said the Sarveshwaran.
He showed me the action and I was stunned!
“Inswing means, the seam of the ball is pointed in the direction of leg slip and bowled with this action, no?”
Has He ever watched cricket being played or Has he ever seen a cricket ball?!
He took a class that day and eventually let me go!
Narrated by the very blessed Shri Chandrashekar, who is the son of Pollachi Jayam Patti!
Outswing and Inswing? Wow. Shankara.
“He showed me the action and I was stunned!”
How I wished that I could see His Action! Shankara. 
So happy that West Indies won the T20 World Cup. A team, whom even their own Cricket Board does not care for. Their Cricket sorely needs a revival for the Happiness of the World!
Here is He at the Home of Maha Ramesh.
A blessed day to Everyone!


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