Blessed day for everyone

​”Swamigal played the Veena for the 

Public — Rarest!”

On an occasion I had visited Kanchi Mutt to have His Darshan. But He was not there and the Mutt people asked me to go to Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple to see Him. In the temple Mahaperiava was sitting near the well opposite to the Tank. After that He returned back to the Mutt.
Here He explained about Deekshithar’s knowledge in Sanskrit, Vedas and what a great Devi Upasaka he was. He then commented about the Veena (with the upturned Yaali Mukha) with the Sanskrit inscription “Sri Ram” said to have been given to Dikshithar by Goddess Saraswathi, when he bathed in the river Ganges, as indication of his having attained Mantra Siddhi.
After this explanation, Swamigal Himself played ‘Ekamresa Nayike sive Sri Kamakshi Pahimam’ in Sudha Saveri! It was one of the rarest occasions when He played veena in front of the public!

Shankara. Goosebumps.
Not sure who shared it with me, but I have made a small note saying ‘Kalyan’!
March 24 is the 241st Birthday of Muthuswami Deekshithar. He was born in the year 1775. He was a South Indian poet and composer and is one of the Musical Trinity of Carnatic music! 
This is one of the Veenas Swamigal that had played on, exhibited now in Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir at Tambaram near Madras.
A Blessed Day to Everyone!


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