Scabies cure


Krishnamurthy was a village Munsif. He heard from his friend about Swamiji’s greatness even when he was in his school. Every summer he used to get scabies in both his hands. It used to bother him for four months. During that period he had to depend on somebody else to do his work. For ten years he struggled with it and neither application of medicine nor magic could cure him of that.

He then remembered Swamiji and rushed to Tiruvannamalai. On reaching there he went to a restaurant and took some tiffin. When the server brought coffee, Swamiji suddenly appeared there and started pouring the coffee to cool it and also drank a little. As Krishnamurthy had not seen Swamiji before, in his ignorance, he became somewhat angry. Luckily for him, he controlled his temper. Swamiji asked him if he had scabies in his hands and advised him to apply kumkum on it the very next day. Saying this, Swamiji ran away from the place.

When Krishnamurthy came to know that that was Swamiji he regretted what a foolish thing he had done and thought that he had not taken even a whole cup of coffee as prasad. Hating himself for the ignorance. He started searching for Swamiji, who could not be traced. The next day he applied kumkum on the scabies and by evening the scabies dried up. By next morning the entire thing had faded.”
“Om Sri seshadri swamigal”.


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