Kadamba tree


Importance of ‘Kadhamba Tree’:
There is a tale behind this tree. In Kruta Yuga, there was an asura called as Kaarthabasur. He did a difficult penance on Lord Shiva and got a boon that he could not be killed on Earth, & neither by a man nor by an animal. By gaining this boon from Lord Shiva, he defeated all Devas by his arrogance. Hence, to kill him, Lord Vishnu approached Lord Shiva & requested to kill this asura. But, Lord Shiva told Lord Vishnu that He has granted a boon to him that he could be killed neither by a man nor by an animal nor on the Earth. Knowing this Lord Vishnu said, He will kill him by his valour. Lord Shiva told Lord Vishnu that if He succeeds in this task, Lord Shiva would become a slave (Dasan) to him & otherwise Lord Vishnu would become His Dasan. Agreeing this, Lord Vishnu took a form of a beautiful Mohini & went near the asura’s garden. Seeing her, asura came out. Meanwhile, Devi Parvati also wanted to help Lord Vishnu, came on Earth & went in to a thick forest nearer to that asura’s kingdom. Seeing beautiful Parvati, all asura’s chased her by her charming beauty. Parvati went in to a thick forest in the midst she became a Kadhamba tree & produced Agni jwala towards asuras & burnt them all. Lord Vishnu also dragged Kaarthabasur & tossed him up in to air & immediately took a form of half man & half animal & killed the asura in the air itself. Henceforth, Devi Parvati stood as a Kadhamba tree. That is why Devi Parvati is being called in Lalitha Sahasranamam as ‘Kadhamba Vanavasini’. Meanwhile, Lord Shiva surrendered Lord Vishnu as His Dasan, but Lord Vishnu told that there is no difference between Him & Lord Shiva & both are one God. However, He said, He would be born in Treta Yuga taking Ramavatar  for a cause & at that time Lord Shiva would be born as Hanuman & become ‘Ramadasan’.
Above all, in Dwarapa Yuga also, it is said in Purana, Lord Krishna Sat under this Kadhamba tree with His consort Radha & played his flute for Radha.
It is also believed that if one does pooja to Kadhamba tree uttering a mantra, “Om Hreem Shakti Roopinyai Nama:” for 15 minutes, one can get rid off Navagraha dosham.


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