Madras-80 is which place?


Experiences with Paramaacharya – “Madras – 80 is which place?”
The year was 1980. Me and my three Engineer colleagues in Lucas TVS had been to Ahmed Nagar on an Official trip. We stayed there for 4 days. On thursday evening we visited Shirdi. Work got completed one day earlier. My friends wanted to avail the free time by visiting Bombay. I decided to spend that time in Poona.
In Poona I heard that Swamigal was camping in a Rig Veda Patashala in Satara. In the morning I immediately hopped on to a bus for the 4 hour journey to Satara.
There was just three/four devotees for Darshan that day. Two of His Kainkaryams Shri Sreekantan and the other could be Shri Vedapuri were there.
When my turn came for Darshan, I told Swamigal, “I had come to Ahmed Nagar on an official visit. I came to know that Periyava was in Satara and hence came to have your Darshan!”
Then He went Silent for a few seconds. Then He looked at me Eye to Eye. His Vision Bored (making a hole) into me like a Laser Beam. I could not bear to Look in His Eyes, hence I lowered my head downwards!
Tears. Shankara.
“Which place is Madras 80?”, asked that Sarveshwaran.
I thought desperately for a while but it was invain, I told Him that I did not know.
Periyava turned to the other devotees and after the Darshan was completed, He Himself closed the windows and went inside to take rest.
I returned home to Madras and started on a big Hunt to find out what Madras – 80 was. Check diaries for pincodes, went to Post office too, but did not know the answer for two weeks. One evening I checked with my colleague at Office. He said, “Mani, don’t you know this? Korattur is Madras – 80, which is where I live!” The most interesting fact was the area adjacent to Lucas TVS was MAdras 80 and by then I had worked at Lucas TVS for 16 long years. And I did not know what Madras 80 was! It was Swamigal’s kind way of asking me not be Egoistic and Be Humble!
Six months rolled by and now it was 1981. I had applied for HIG Flats built by Tamil Nadu Government in these locations: Annanagar, Korattur, Ashok Nagar, KK Nagar. In the lottery system that followed, I was alloted a Flat, guess where, in Korattur only!
Swamigal had given me a Permanent Address in Korattur, Madras – 80!
“Then He looked at me Eye to Eye. His Vision Bored (making a hole) into me like a Laser Beam. I could not bear to Look in His Eyes, hence I lowered my head downwards!”
Narrated by the supremely blessed Shri V. Mani. He is the father of our Uma Ram. She tells me that they used to live in a 2 bedroom 720 square feet apartment. And in one of the rooms, the entire three walls would be covered with Swamigal’s pictures, showing Him in different stages in His Avataram!

தர்மோ ரக்ஷதி ரக்ஷித: ஸ்ரீனிவாஸ் ஸர்மா 9789094777


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