Go to Swamimalai – Mahaperiyava


Go to Swaamimalai. The idol is getting ready !(Address of this ashram – Maruthi Ashram.  Lalithanagaram. Waltair. A P)

My Dad was a medical student at King George Medical college/hospital at Vizag. He passed out in 1941. His colleague( college mate) was one Dr Sripaada Pinaakapaani ( Sangeetha Kalaanidhi) revered as a Bheeshmaachaaryaa in Carnatic Music. Both of them as students had visited one Maruthi Ashram Lalithanagaram Waltair and had deep respects for Maruthi Daasan Sri Krishnamurthy who has built that temple inside his house. The origin of that temple has a holy connection with MahaPeriyavaa.

During British rule, there was  some political unrest at Waltair & the situation went out of control suddenly one morning & police resorted to firing. Very unfortunately a stray bullet hit a boy going to school & he died. That boy was the only son of this Krishnamurthy who was then working in the Vizag Port. Already a simple devoted person, he now entered into the stage of Vairaaghyaa to conquer over this terrible tragedy. He had a vision of Lord Maruthi who it seems told him the reason behind that and asked him to build a temple in  his house !  The Lord also directed him to go to Mahaa Periyavaa for that purpose. At the same time Lord Anjaneya told Periyavaa about Krishnamurthy & asked Him to help him !

Thrilled at the vision, Krishnamurthy went to see the Seer at Kanchi. It seems as he entered the Mutt, the  Seer said,” Are you not that Krishnamurthy ? Go to Swaamimalai. The idol is getting ready !” ( No need for me to say Krishnamurthy did not open his mouth but it was Periyavaa who spoke to him first !).

At Swamimalai about 4 feet high idol of Maruthi was getting ready for him ! Now how to do the installation at Waltair ? Perivayaa asked him to go to Saraswati mahal library (Tanjore) and get all details about Anjaneya Prathishtaapanaa method from a book. When he went there and asked the librararian, he himself did not know about any such book in the library!  But Periyavaa can not be wrong. Finally after a long search they found a book in which at some particular page , the Prathishtaapanaa method was detailed ! The librararian never knew about it before !

The rest of events went on smooth. Much later , when I was doing Medicine in Calcutta Medical college ( in 1965), my Dad wanted me to visit this Maruthi Ashram and told me the whole story. With a lot of excitement I went there with my parents carrying a garland of dates. Sri Krishnamurthy( called MaruthiDasan) welcomed us, put that garland on the idol and after a while we took food. Then we came close to the idol and Lo ! I really saw with my own eyes some of the dates half-eaten, a covered vessel on the floor was opened and I did see the marks on the surface of sarakkari Pongal Naivaedya Prasadam dent marks as if a monkey has put its hands and eaten a little bit !  I also saw particles of water( looked like sweat !) on Lord Maruthis body ! There was one more surprise for me . Sri Krishnamurthy started talking to the Lord  as if he was taking to anybody ! ” என்னப்பா ! வேர்கறதா? வெயில் காலம் ஆச்சே ! Fan போடறேன் !” I was wondering to whom he was talking to !

I remember after a while he sang some songs composed by him . One particular song “வடை கடித்து வினை தீர்க்கும் வாயுகுமாரனே ” in Kamaas Raaga was soul touching. For several years we used to receive Prasadam by post from Maruthi Ashram.

It seems he would decorate Maruthi as per the festival like, he’d dress him like Krishna during Gokulaashtami, as Devi during Navarathri & so on. I do have a photo of that Lord in my  Pooja room.

தர்மோ ரக்ஷதி ரக்ஷித: ஸ்ரீனிவாஸ் ஸர்மா 9789094777


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