Siddha medicines


I am giving the translation of health tips sent by GBK as requested by Bala Iyer since i also found it interesting and will be useful to people .
The tips are basically Siddha medicines followed in Tamil Nadu and practised by Siddhars since time immemorial.. The Guru of siddhars is
Saint Augastiya ordained by lord shiva and he is the main saint who imbibed a pattern of practices and life styles involving Yoga without
really harping on it suitable to natives of south India . This is also one of the reasons of tolerance and peace in southern part of
India.Siddhars are mystics as per western way to say ,they are doctors ,saints, alchemists etc etc.
I am giving the herbs name in tamil to English and hindi after browsing. These herbs are also marketed if you don’t find the same in your
area .But with a caution to verify the genuiity of the source.
1. Nellikani- Amla Indian goosbery- To live ever sixteen.
2. Sembarithi- Hibiscus- For strengthening the heart.
3. Mudakathan elai- nanphata-baloon vine leaves- Arthiritis
4. Omavalli-Ajwain- for cough,blockage of nose .
5. Arai keerai- Chauli-amrathustricolor-Urinary Infections
6. Manthakalli keerai- Mokoi-black night shade -Mouth Ulcers and instine ulcers
7. Ponnang kanni keerai- garundiguroo-dwarf copper leaf- to keep the body fresh
8. Madhulam-Pommagranete For heart attacks
9. Arugam Pul-Dhurva- Brmuda grass-blood purifier
10. Seetha puzham-Custard apple-cancer
11. Papali-Papaya-Strong Brain development
12. Muulangi- Raddish- Urinary dis orders
13. Vendhaya keerai- Methi-Fenugreek leaves- gastroentitis
14. Vilvam –bael-stone apple- wood apple-urinary infections
15. Sundakai-bhankatiya-solarumtorvum or devils fig- chest congestion
16. Adathodai- Adosa- Persian banga- Asthama
17. Vallarai- Brahimin leaves –memory power
18. Tulasi- Basil – Blood pressure
19. Pasali Keerai-Spinach- Blood pressure
20. Beetroot- general blood counts
21. Annasi-Pineapple- Digestion
22. Kalyanamurngai – Drumstick and leaves –For hair texture and color
23. Carrot,corianderleaves,coconut juice-Eye sight
24. Thothuvallai- cimbing brinjal leaves-congestion and cough
25. Grapes-For a good look
26. Pudina- For indigestion
27. Kizhanelli-Niruni-phallathus weed- Jaundice
28. Vazhi thandu- Banana tree stem – for stone bladder removal.
All these are to be taken periodically
You now can share with any one knowing English or hindi.

தர்மோ ரக்ஷதி ரக்ஷித: ஸ்ரீனிவாஸ் ஸர்மா 9789094777


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